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What do students do after their graduation from the Information Security Master?

Graduates of the Information Security Master can find interesting and challenging positions wherever information security solutions are developed or used. Most large enterprises and companies have specialised security divisions and need security specialists to deal with current and future security issues. Information and system security also gain in importance in small and medium-sized computer science companies, many of which exist in Zurich or the region around it.

What could be future employers for graduates of the Information Security Master?

Typical application domains and potential employers include:

  • Banking and Financial Services (such as CS and UBS)
  • Government and Military Institutions (such as armasuisse and government agencies)
  • Telecommunications and Internet (such as Swisscom and many SMEs)
  • Educational Institutions (ETH, other universities, and universities of applied sciences)
  • Technology Development and Research (such as IBM Research)
  • Cloud secure providers (such as Google)
  • IT consulting
  • Software development
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