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Information security concerns the protecting of information and information processing systems and is one of the cornerstones for the continued expansion and acceptance of the information society. At the same time it is also a fundamental research discipline within computer science, with many basic open problems, both theoretical and applied.

One of the main paradigm shifts of the emerging information society is that information is stored and exchanged in electronic form. This electronic representation differs radically from traditional representations; for instance, electronic data can be copied without cost, it can be erased without leaving traces, and it can be communicated without effort over large distances. The downside of these features is that protecting information has become fundamentally more difficult. This is the problem that research in information security addresses, both in terms of finding solutions to pressing security problems and in terms of laying the foundations for developing a secure information infrastructure for the future.

In light of the depth and breadth of this problem, and the fact that information security plays such a fundamental role in so many areas of computer science today, the Department of Computer Science at ETH Zurich offers a Master Track in Information Security. This track is offered within the department’s Master Program and complements the other tracks offered.

The Information Security Master track is a broad-spectrum security program that provides in-depth knowledge of relevant security issues in computer systems, networks and their applications. The program offers numerous security-related courses covering a number of topics including cryptography, formal methods, system security, wireless network security, and security protocols. The courses are taught by researchers and faculty members of the Department of Computer Science (D-INFK) of ETH Zurich.

Our program also benefits from close collaboration with the Zurich Information Security Center (ZISC), a research center in Information Security, created by ETH Zurich and industrial partners.

Overall, the coordinated offering should appeal to a wide range of students with interests in both theoretical and practical aspects of information security. The courses offered should be of interest too to students in other master specialization tracks, who wish to deepen their knowledge of relevant aspects of this fascinating and important area within computer science.


Applicable to ETH Bachelor students in Computer Science only:

Passed: Core Course 251-0404-00 "Information Security" (summer semester)

All students from other universities should have a solid knowledge of the material from this course.


The duration of this Master program is 3 semesters: one year of courses and half a year for the master thesis. During this time, a student is expected to collect 90 ETCS credit points (26CP Focus Courses, 20CP Elective Courses, 8CP Multidisciplinary Courses, 4CP Foundations of Computer Science, 2CP GESS Course (2 CP) and the 30CP Master Thesis) .

Upon the successful completion of this program, the student receives a 'Master of Science ETH in Informatik' (German title) / a 'Master of Science ETH in Computer Science' (English title).

Generally, all students with a Bachelor of Science degrees in computer science or related fields can apply to this program. For detailed admission procedures to the Computer Science Master program please obtain the information from the relevant pages.

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